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Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Winter Library Challenge

Read Write Inc.

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Fine-motor skills – cutting using scissors accurately - knowing how to carry and pass scissors safely.

  • If you have any Christmas cards that you received for Christmas why not cut out your favourite pictures and make them into tags for presents next year. Hole-punch a hole and thread some ribbon or string through the hole. Put your tags in a safe place for next Christmas, maybe with the decorations.
  • Create a snowman using the snowman shape cutting sheets.
  • Give your child a sheet of paper or even a paper plate and get them to snip a fringe around the edge. What could you make it into?
  • Draw zig-zag or wavy lines for your child to cut along.
  • Let them experiment cutting different materials such as cardboard, strips of wool, tin foil or straws.

Gross-motor skills

  • Go for a walk, scoot or bike ride.
  • Practice bouncing and catching a large ball with both hands. How many bounces and catches can you do?
  • Throw and catch a ball between 2 people. How many catches can you do?
  • With a partner bounce a ball between you. Start 1 metre, then try 2 metres. Can you do 3 metres?
  • Kick a ball between you and a partner. Can you stop the ball with your foot? Kick carefully back to your partner. How far apart can you stand?