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Year 1


Weekly Curriculum Information

13.7.20 - ARTS WEEK

Enjoy a week packed full of all sorts of arts.

Don't forget to share what you've been doing on Seesaw or by email. Have fun!



We would love to hear about your favourite stories and books that you are enjoying this week.

What have you been enjoying reading?

Where have you been caught reading?

Which character from your book could you dress up as?

How could you illustrate your book?

Alton Library have launched their reading challenge. Have you joined yet?


What an amazing week last week packed full of sports and happiness outside!

This weeks theme is transport. Choose from the activities or maybe see which way your learning will take you.

Please continue to share all that you are doing using Seesaw or the Year 1 email.


National Sports Week

On your marks... Get set... Go!

If it is safe for you to do so, as this is National Sports Week we would like you to get outside and get active. There are lots of sports themed activities and plans ready for you to choose from including a "Sports Passport"- How many activities can you complete so you can receive a virtual medal? Don't forget to take photos and upload them on to Seesaw or send them through the Year 1 email. 

14.6.20 Theme- Significant People

This week we are looking at people from now and in the past and thinking about why they are important to us and others. What makes us special too? Choose from the activities below to find out more or explore your home learning in any way that interests you. Don't forget to share anything you do by using Seesaw or on the Year 1 email.


Theme of the week - SPACE-

Below you will find the school /home planning and resources for this week. Some of the activities are on Seesaw and we can respond to any work that is uploaded. If there are any problems or you need help with anything, please contact us through the Year 1 email or Seesaw

1.6.2020. THEME OF THE WEEK 'ANIMALS'. Please see below our weekly plan for home & school learning (overview, links and attachments shown separately for you to access). If you have any problems, please contact us via the year 1 email address and we will endeavour to help as soon as we can. Many thanks for your continued support at this challenging time. Year 1 team x


Focus for Learning at Home for Year One


A simple guide to why we all have to be at home...for a while.... 


Reading-Reading Books
'Love My Books'  has a wealth of fun, creative reading activities.  Just click on one of the orange tabs at the top to explore.  



Practise Reading the Phase 5 Phonemes.

Not sure how to say all the phonic sounds?  Watch this video.
Here is a link to the Phonics Play website. Ask your child to show you the games we play! 



 Practise your Spellings.

Here are the spelling words and an empty grid.



On the editing pencil you will find the names of the Writing Superheroes we use at school to edit and improve our writing. 
This is the Numicon mat we use to help with TT Rockstars.  


Here is the link to the TT Rockstars website.  


We have to stay at home to stay safe but lots of plants are springing to life in our gardens. 

What are the plants, flowers and trees  called? 

Have you seen your first butterfly yet or a bird collecting twigs for a nest?  

Have a go at this spring science booklet. 



Marwell Zoo

We would have loved going to Marwell Zoo in the sunshine this week.

Check out their webcams on the Marwell Zoo website. 

Seasonal Long Study

In January (when it was winter) we looked at the plants and trees growing below the Y1 park.

We have been learning their names and watching how they change through the seasons.

Below are photos of what they looked like then.

When you are outside, either in your garden or having your daily walk,  why not see if you can spot what Ivy, Snowberry, Horse Chestnut and Blackberry Bushes look like now - in the spring?  




How exciting that the new temporary hospital in London is called the 'Florence Nightingale Hospital'.

Why not WOW  your families by telling them all you learnt about Florence Nightingale last term.

Please find below a little reminder to help you.


Weekly Plans 

Please find below 'weekly' plans. 

You will find learning activities for reading,writing, maths, spelling and phonics alongside a fun  weekly project.

Try ONE activity from each of the 4 boxes EVERYDAY.

The learning blocks below are arranged into learning activities for each day focussing on reading, writing, phonics, maths,  a weekly project and a STEM activity.  


Get Active !

NON - SCREEN based ideas!

Get out your box of Lego and get creative!
Here are some links to our favourite counting songs! Can you count in twos, fives and tens? What number patterns can you see?
Make sure to watch before your child to check that any adverts appearing are appropriate.
A quick guide to end of Y1 expectations for Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths