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Wootey Infant School Design and Technology Intent


"Children will learn key skills through a Design, Make and Evaluate Process to turn their ideas into reality."



Children at Wootey Infant School have the opportunity to design, create and evaluate products through three main projects over the year. Children explore a variety of materials and use their knowledge and imagination to design and make products and communicate their ideas through drawing, talking and where appropriate digital technology. Children learn how to use a variety of tools and materials and make informed decisions about which tool would be best for the task that they are doing. Children will develop an understanding of structures and how they can be improved. They will also explore and use mechanisms, such as levers, wheels and axles. Through questioning children will be encouraged to evaluate their finished product and think of ideas to improve or change it. Whilst at Wootey Infant School, children will have the opportunity to take part in lunchtime and golden time clubs that support their learning in DT; for example sewing club.


Cooking and Nutrition is taught throughout the School. Children will find out where food comes from and the importance of healthy eating. We also have a Golden Time cooking club.

Year R Design and Technology is experienced and taught through teaching specific skills for Expressive Arts and Design.  We also have 2 aspirational goals linked to DT which are 'I can join wood to make a model' and 'I can grow food and eat what I grow'. The learning environment offers many opportunities for children to use tools, materials and equipment to make their own models and creations.

Year R Curriculum Goal 'I can join wood to make a model' is currently being updated