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Year 2

13.7.20 - ARTS WEEK

Enjoy a week packed full of all sorts of arts.

Don't forget to share what you've been doing on Seesaw or by email.

Have fun!



We would love to hear about your favourite stories and books this week.

What have you been enjoying reading?

Where have you been caught reading?

Which character from your book could you dress up as?

How could you illustrate your favourite book?

Alton Library have launched their reading challenge. Have you joined yet?


What an amazing week last week, packed full of sports and happiness!

This weeks theme is transport. Choose from the activities or see which way your learning will take you.

Please continue to share what you've been doing using Seesaw or the Year 2 email.


National Sports Week

On your marks...Get set...Go!

If it is safe for you to do so, as this week is National Sports Week we would like you to get outside and get active. There are lots of sports themed activities and plans for you to choose from including a "Sports Passport"- How many activities can you complete to receive a virtual medal? Don't forget to take photos and upload them to Seesaw or send them to the Year 2 email.

14.6.20 -Theme - Significant People

This week we are looking at people from now and in the past and why they are important to us and others. What makes us special and important too? Choose from the activities below to find out more or explore your home learning in a way that interests you. Don't forget to share anything you do on Seesaw or by using the Year 2 email.


Theme of the week-SPACE

Below you will find the school/home planning and resources for this week. The activities are also on Seesaw and we can respond to any work that is uploaded. If there are any problems or if you need any help, please contact us through the Year 2 email or Seesaw.

1.6.2020. THEME OF THE WEEK 'ANIMALS'. Please see below our weekly plan for home & school learning (overview, links and attachments shown separately for you to access). If you have any problems, please contact us via the year 2 email address and we will endeavour to help as soon as we can. Many thanks for your continued support at this challenging time. Year 2 team x

Learning websites - Login information

Reading - Speed reading

How many words can you read in a minute?  For this activity, you could use the document below, or use your child's current reading book (mark a starting word and count how many words they can read in 1 minute).  This can be a fun challenge - but if your child feels stressed by it at any point then please move on to a different activity.  We want reading to remain FUN for them!
Remember, reading could be listening to your child read / practising keywords but it can also be a special time where you read to your child.  Above are some questions you could ask after the book is finished, or at the end of a chapter?
Mix up how you practice the spelling words.  Write in chalk outside, write the words in sand or flour.  Use a different colour for each letter in the word.  Write them big, write them small - draw a picture and then write the words into the creative to keep it FUN!

Place Value Song

Need a song to help you remember 10's and 1's place value. This fun little tune will help you with this in no time at all.

Maths - Addition and subtraction

Maths - Multiplication and division

Non-screen based activities