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Year 2

12th October 2020 - In School this week we are:

  • In Maths we are looking at Addition and Subtraction and focusing on knowing our bonds to 10, 20 and then 100.
  • In Phonics, continuing our RWI lessons by learning and revising new sounds; using Fred Talk, writing and reading new words.
  • In Science, learning about keeping our bodies healthy, specifically looking at what foods help to keep our bodies healthy!
  • Continuing our learning about Horatio Nelson, HMS Victory and The Battle of Trafalgar in History and remembering key facts. Ask your children if they can remember a fact about Nelson....they have blown us away with recording their learning on Seesaw!
  • In computing, we are learning to log onto the school network, using the trackpad and keyboard and using Seesaw to record our learning daily. 
  • Multi-Skills in PE

Mix up how you practice the spelling words.  Write in chalk outside, write the words in sand or flour.  Use a different colour for each letter in the word.  Write them big, write them small - draw a picture and then write the words into the creative to keep it FUN!

Place Value Song

Need a song to help you remember 10's and 1's place value. This fun little tune will help you with this in no time at all.

Maths - Multiplication and division

Non-screen based activities