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Archive Reception - Robin and Wren

 Welcome to Year R!

Teachers: Mrs Claire Millard (Early Years Leader), Mrs Susie Christer, Miss Liz Collins,

Mrs Wendy Kaye

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) : Mrs Liza Raper,  Miss Becky Deegan, Mrs Jo Sharratt,

Mrs Sarah Marais, Mrs Janet Duddridge


Starting school

Welcome to our new pupils in Robins and Wrens. You have all shown lots of courage over your first week and explored lots of new things.


You have all worked hard at following the Golden Rules and made lots of new friends.

We Listen

We work hard

We look after property

We are honest

We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

Staying for lunch

“Yummy school dinners.”   

Clean plates all round!   

“Can I have some more please?”


The menu is displayed outside the classroom each morning and can be found online. 

Reading - getting to know the characters in our core reading books.

Learning phonemes

s a t p i n m

We found things that begin with these sounds and played lots of fun games. Ask your child how to do the actions for each of these phonemes. 




  • Counting objects, touching each object and giving it a number name.
  • Searching for groups of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 objects.
  • Using Number Blocks and Numicon to help us visualise number.
  • Recognising groups of objects up to 5 without having to count them – subitising.

Autumn 2


Please log into your Tapestry account to enjoy your child's learning journey.

Our weekly reading record inserts and daily 'Walk and Talk' board will inform you of our weekly focus.


Alphabetti Spaghetti

Farmyard Hullabaloo!

Mill Cottage Farm Visit


Autumn Fun


Happy New Year

Going for GOALS!

We have set ourselves goals and are working hard to achieve them.

We are using the 'Silver Learning Code' to help us REACH our goals!

We're Going On a Bear Hunt

by Michael Rosen

We created a story map of the Bear Hunt

and used it to verbalise the story in our environment.

Together we innovated the Bear Hunt story creating our own

'We're Going On a Unicorn Hunt.'