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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mrs Ella Palmer - Headteacher
Leadership Team 2 Mrs Tracey Thomas - Deputy Headteacher
Click the link below to find out more about our Governors.

Office Administrators

Office Administrators 1 Mrs Belinda Dalton - Senior Administration Officer
Office Administrators 2 Mrs Tanya Mills - Administration Officer


Teachers 1 Mrs Tracey Thomas - Year 2 Leader
Teachers 2 Mrs Helen Wightman-Wright - Inclusion Leader SENCO
Teachers 3 Mrs Chloe Holland - Year 1
Teachers 4 Mrs Helen Jenkin - Year 2
Teachers 5 Miss Megan Thomson - Year 1
Teachers 6 Mrs Abigail Norgate - Year 2
Teachers 7 Mrs Claire Millard - Year R - Early Years Leader
Teachers 8 Miss Liz Collins - Year R
Teachers 9 Mrs Susie Christer - Year R

Learning Support Assistants

Learning Support Assistants 1 Mrs Beri Hodge - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Learning Support Assistants 2 Mrs Zoe King
Learning Support Assistants 3 Mrs Heather Page
Learning Support Assistants 4 Mrs Lin Bailey
Learning Support Assistants 5 Mrs Christine Humphrey
Learning Support Assistants 6 Mrs Liza Raper
Learning Support Assistants 7 Miss Karen Snowden
Learning Support Assistants 8 Mrs Becs Corlett
Learning Support Assistants 9 Miss Becky Deegan

Who keeps our school clean?

Who keeps our school clean? 1 Mrs Annette Booker - Cleaner

Our School Cook and her team

Our School Cook and her team 1

Mrs Sam Gamgee- Cook


Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 We support happy, safe lunchtimes.

Mrs Cheryl Batten- Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Jo Sharrat

Mrs Amy Churcher

Mrs Lisa Coulson

Ms Jonquil Todd

Miss Bethany Palmer

Mrs Sharon Lane 

Mrs Becky Worthington

Miss Shanice Carey