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Spring Term 2019

Day 13

Day 13

Today is the day! The sun has been shining, the air has been warm and the butterflies have been released.


Mrs Hodge

Did you know?...

A Painted Lady is a migrating butterfly and can fly thousands of miles to find food.

Day 11

Day 11

Finally, the last butterfly has emerged. All four butterflies are finding their wings ready to be released. The day of release should be dry and not too windy and the temperature should be warm so that the butterflies can feed and fly. Keep your eyes  peeled for a butterfly in your garden, it could be one of our very own butterflies coming to see you.


Mrs Hodge


Did you know?....

A butterfly emerges from a chrysalis; a moth emerges from a cocoon!

A little bit later on....Day 10

Day 10 (a little bit later!!)

The third butterfly has emerged!

I’ve been looking closely at the first butterfly and I think it looks like it’s a male. The males abdomen has straight sides, while the females abdomen is curved because of all her eggs.

The two new butterflies are still pumping insect blood in to their wings to make them strengthen and harden so I will need to see whether they are male or female later.


Mrs Hodge

Day 10

Day 10

Welcome to the world, Morris! Butterfly number two has emerged today and I think that number three, Picasso will emerge later today. This only leaves the last butterfly, Klimt, to make his way out of the chrysalis. I’ve put sugar water solution in with the butterflies and nectar filled flowers for them to feed on and grow strong, ready to be released.


Mrs Hodge

Did you know?....

A butterfly is an insect.

They have three body parts: head, thorax and abdomen.

Even though you can only see four legs on a butterfly there are two extra legs hidden high up on the thorax. They bring these two legs out to taste.


Day 8

Day 8

It has happened! Our first butterfly has emerged. It’s wings were quite shrivelled at first but they have begun to expand to full size. Under the butterfly, I can see a small amount of what looks like blood on the box. But it’s ok, it’s only meconium and is completely normal and means the butterfly is healthy.

Welcome to the world, Matisse!


Mrs Hodge

Day 8

Day 8

I really think today we will see a butterfly! The colour of one of the chrysalides has really darkened and I can see the wing pattern through the outer shell. 


Mrs Hodge

Day 5

No sign of butterflies! But I have noticed a black thing at the top of one of the chrysalides which I have discovered is the remains of the last exoskeleton shed by the caterpillar before pupating, or changing into a chrysalis. 

I wonder how many more days it is going to be before we see a butterfly emerge?


Mrs Hodge

Day 3

Day 3 of butterfly watch and as yet there is no sign of any butterflies emerging. I’ve  decided to name each one after the great artists we’ve been learning about in the spring term.

Which one do you think will emerge first and just what is happening inside the chrysalides?

Well, the caterpillar parts are liquefying and re-arranging to become the cells, tissues and organs of the butterfly. I am just about able to see the outline of the wings of the butterfly beneath the pupal shell!  Not long to go now....


Mrs Hodge

Watch them grow, then let them go!

Day 1

I couldn’t leave the chrysalides alone in school for the Easter holidays so I  have safely transported them to their new holiday home. Keep watching for updates and photos showing their progress and finally emerging into  Painted Lady Butterflies.


Mrs Hodge

Wootey Infant children enjoyed parading around the junior school, showing off their marvelous Easter Bonnet creations.

Easter Bonnets

Even in the pouring rain, we still enjoyed the joint Easter Hunt  with the juniors. Every child was presented with an Easter Egg .
What a lovely big turn out of parents who came in to school to help with bonnet making! The children will be parading around the junior school on Friday, showing off their creative talents. Don't forget about the Egg Tombola on Friday after school!
As part of our science  learning, (and because we have had some nasty tummy bugs going around the school) we have been learning about the importance of hand washing. We did an experiment to see which is the most effective way to was our hands.
Thank you to our wonderful PTA who made Mother's Day gifts with the children. We hope all the mummies enjoyed their cards and presents.

Cricket at Eggars School

Penguin Class and Peacock Class visit Marwell

Governor Visits to Year 2

School Governors, Kate Harris and Charlotte Farmer visited the children in their classes  to talk about their math's learning, the core value of respect and how they use the outside area to support their independent learning.

William Morris block printing

We have been learning to create our own blocks out of polystyrene trays. Our inspiration has come from fruit and vegetables and the natural world.  After looking at by the craft of William Morris we will be making our own wallpaper.

Penguin Class visit Pizza Express

As part of our Skellybones topic, Penguin Class visited Pizza Express. As well as creating our own pizzas, we also learnt about a balanced diet and the healthy ingredients that we could chose to add to a pizza.

Peacock Class will be visiting Pizza Express soon. Keep checking the website to see their photos added too.

Clever Never Goes

Clever Never Goes replaces Stanger Danger has been developed to give children practical safety skills which they can use now and as they get older and become more independent .

Today, the children have had an opportunity to create a "Go Spotter" to help them make safe decisions about keeping safe.

We have been lucky enough to have tennis coaches from Kingsley Tennis Center come in to school to teach us some new tennis skills. We will be having another session after half term so we have an opportunity to practice again ready for Wimbledon in the Summer.
We have started our very exciting art learning, by exploring the work of Pablo Picasso. We are creating our own responses to Picasso's Weeping Woman painting. Keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous new display of our work in the school foyer after half term.

Are you choosing to read at home?

If you choose to read at home each night, show the teacher your signed reading record  the following morning and your name will be moved up on to the shooting star.

Happy reading!

Parents Evening

 Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th February.

Have you returned your slip with the time you are available to come in?

Our Writing Journey

We have been reading the story of Hansel and Gretel, in readiness for writing our own fairy tales. We are looking forward to you  reading them when you come in to parent's evening.

Can you write sentences about the witch from the story of Hansel and Gretel. Can you use nouns, verbs, adjectives and subordinate conjunctions to improve it?

We are becoming math's experts using money.

How can you help at home?

Encourage your child to read prices when you go to the shop. Can they identify pounds and pence? How could they make the total cost using coins and or notes? Can they calculate the change?


Could they set up a shop at home, label the items for sale and identify which coins could be used to buy them?

 We always welcome any home learning to be brought in to class.


Reading your library book at home counts as a read in the reading record. 


Every Tuesday, it is year 2's opportunity to visit the school library. Children have an opportunity to change their library books and learn new library skills. So now it's the time to look at home under beds, behind curtains and in bookcases to find that lost library book ready to exchange for a new book to enjoy.


In gymnastics this term, we are looking at how our bodies move and  are looking at how movements can be linked together smoothly. In addition, we are composing a short, simple sequence of two or three body shapes from the straight or tuck family. The children are also enjoying using the apparatus to extend their learning of how their bodies move and how they transition on and off the equipment.

Maths in Year 2

Are you ever puzzled by how we support the children with their maths learning? The children have been busy creating examples of what we use in class to solve maths problems. If you would like to know more, come in and ask a member of staff for more information. We are very soon going to be launching an exciting new resource that your child can access at home so keep an eye on the website for further updates.

What do the children use to support their maths learning?

Our new topic this term is Skellybones.

Do you have any skills or resources that you would like to share with the children. Please see the class teacher for further information.

Welcome back after the New Year!

The children have come back enthused after the Christmas break and have got stuck straight back in to their learning.