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Archive Year 2 – Peacock and Penguin

Welcome to Year 2!

Teachers: Mrs Tracey Thomas (Y2 Leader), Mrs Becs Corlett

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) : Mrs Beri Hodge

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) : Mrs Zoe King, Mrs Jo Sharratt, Mrs Heather Page,

Mrs Cheryl Baton, Mrs Kate Tolhurst, Mrs Toni Morgan


Welcome to Year 2. We hope you have enjoyed the glorious summer holidays. We are thrilled to see the lovely new Penguin and Peacock children and that they have settled so brilliantly in to their new classes

and are enjoying finding out about each other in our Knowing Me, Knowing You topic.

New topic alert!!!

The Great Fire of London news report writing

Phonics in Key Stage 1

In Penguin and Peacock Classes there are 30 children. Every day we have a daily math's meeting to work out how many children are in school. We use the Part Whole Method, Bar Method and Commutative Law along with the Place Value song. If you are unsure about any of the ways we support the childrens math's learning, please come in to speak to the class teacher.

Place Value

Writing focus week beginning 1.10.18

In writing this week we are learning to retell and write the story of Dick Whittington.

Cooking at the Junior School

Bon Voyage to our Year 2 leavers. We are sad to see you go but wish you much success in your new schools. We look forward to hearing about your great achievements and always welcome visitors back to see us for a cheeky cuddle and tell us how you're getting on!
What a wonderful way to spend a July day! Year 2 enjoyed extending their learning at Southsea today. We compared Southsea to Alton and looked at similarities and differences between a market town and the historic city of Portsmouth. The day finished with an ice cream, bought by the PTA and was enjoyed whilst sat on the beach watching the hoovercraft.
It was a pleasure to welcome our Governor, Mrs Jo Warren in to Year 2 today. She had a fabulous morning with the children observing great phonics and all the ways we can practice our spellings. She was having so much fun she even stayed for some art learning too! If you would like to know more about the creative ways the children learn, you will find Mrs Warren before and after school outside Penguin Class.

How many different ways can you practise your spellings?

Our last Listen to Me Performance

Parents Website Information Session

There was a fabulous turn out of parents in year 2 for the Parent Website Information sessions. We were pleased to share the new TT Rockstars logons for every child to access via the website learning pages. Please see the class teacher if there is any other information that you would find helpful that we could include.

The children have now completed the reading tests and as expected, rose to the challenge wonderfully.

Summer Term Curriculum information

Summer Term

Welcome back to the final term in Year 2. We have lots of exciting learning, trips and transition sessions planned. Keep watching the website for photos and news.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers is our new Guided Reading text

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door. He didn't know where it came from or who it belonged to. The penguin looked sad and the boy thought it must be lost. So he decided to help it find its way home, even if that meant rowing all the way to the South Pole...

The children will be innovating their own story based on Lost and Found. We are looking for a great story which should  include everything we have been learning this term: subordinate clauses, expanded noun phrases, spelling words, and past tense. We are having a big push on handwriting and are looking out for the next Penguin or Peacock to receive a handwriting license. If you or your child need help or clarification on any of these please come and speak to the teachers.  


Look at the handwriting license!!!

Doesn't it look good?

Can you smell it?

Do you want one?

What do you need to prove so that you can earn one?

Year 2 library lovers

Year 2 are leading the way with amount of times they change their library books. With such enthusiastic readers leading by example we are sure that the other classes will soon be on our tails. We've listened to the children about which types of books they want to read and have purchased new David Walliams books for the children to enjoy. Anthony Browne books have been top of the loans following our Guided Reading text, Gorilla being such a popular choice.

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

As part of our art curriculum learning we have been looking at the portrait painted of Queen Elizabeth II by Isobel Peachey. Miss Peachey was the youngest female painter to paint the Queen. We have created our own portraits of HRH ready to commemorate the wedding of Prince Harry to Megan Markle later this month.

Guided reading text: Gorilla by Anthony Browne

Have you read any other books by Anthony Browne?

We inovated our own stories based on Gorilla by Anthony Browne

Our writers of the week are Grace W and Nilahsan. See their writing on display in the entrance hall.


Spring Term Curriculum Information

Easter Bonnet Parade

The annual Easter Bonnet Parade took place at the Junior School, where we showed off our splendid Easter Bonnets.

Easter Egg Hunt

Due to the soggy, Spring weather, the annual Easter Egg Hunt happened in class. Thank you to the PTA Easter Bunny helpers for our delicious prizes!

Library Lovers

Penguin Class are the winners of the Library Lovers challenge again!

Will we be beaten next time?

How lovely to see so many family members who came in to help us make Easter Bonnets. We also had a chance to wish and sing Happy Birthday to Poppy's mummy.
Penguin Class chose their Marble Jar treat which was to eat their lunch in class and get served by the teachers. It was a lovely lunchtime, enjoyed by all and a great opportunity to see their fantastic cutlery skills in action.
After tasting all the delicious fruits, we selected our three favorites. These were then included in our own Fruit Salad design and then expertly evaluated. Yum yum!
Thank you to Sister Corlett for coming in to present out Healthy Heroes certificates!

Sports Relief

The Infant and Junior children joined together for Sports Relief to sing and dance. Year 2 hula hoop experts led the way, wriggling their hips in time to the music.

Tyler's mummy visits to tell us about the baby growing in her tummy

In art we have been learning about a  craftsman called, William Morris. We have made our own block using polystyrene trays and then, using printing ink created our very own print in the style of Morris.

Giant Sing at The Anvil

Thank you to Sister Corlett from Boundaries Surgery in Four Marks, for visiting year 2 talking about her experiences as a practising nurse. The children had opportunities to explore medical equipment and their uses and how to stay healthy.

Snow Play

We thought that we were edging closer to Spring, but this week they are predicting a cold spell. We do continue to play outside so make sure you come prepared and wrapped up warm. It would also be a good idea to check that wellies still fit!

Matisse Painting with Scissors

This term we are learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. We are looking at why he used colour in certain ways and how different colours make us feel.

We are creating our own portraits in the style of Picasso, using what we've learnt about complementary colours to make choices about where to place colours on our paintings

Look out for exciting new displays coming soon in school, showing off the fabulous art work!

On a sunny February morning, Penguin Class visited Pizza express. As part of the Skelly Bones topic, we looked at healthy food choices and had the opportunity to create our own pizzas. Thank you to all the staff at Pizza Express Alton for their time and showing us how pizzas are made.

Medal Winner

Congratulations to Swara in Peacock Class. Swara received a medal for her perseverance and resilience in all areas of learning. Well done Swara! Who will be next to receive a medal? 

Congratulations to Connor in Penguin Class and Simon in Peacock Class for being the two chosen for a writing celebration this week. We are proud of Connor's perseverance and independence when writing and Simon's vocabulary and punctuation.

Could it be you being celebrated next week?

On a cold and very soggy day, 9 children from Penguin class visited Amery Hill school to "Try something new", and trampoline. Even though it was very wet walking down, the smiles on everyone's face showed how much fun we all had, including Mrs Hodge who had a go at trampolining for the very first time.

Science Healthy Heroes Challenge

Phonics-Adding suffixes

This week in phonics we are learning about adding the suffixes er and est to an adjective to compare things. In Penguin Class Cara has long hair but Immy's hair is longer. However Poppy's hair is longest! Can you use comparative adjectives to create your own sentences? 

Writing Celebrations

Congratulations to William and Maddy, who were celebrated for their great writing. They have shown us that they could include in their writing, contractions, speech marks, brilliant punctuation and coordinating conjunctions. Which target are you working on and who will be celebrated next?
Year 2 are challenging themselves to answer times table and number bond questions in 3 minutes. Each day they aspire to beat their best score. If they complete the challenge in less than 3 minutes, they get the opportunity to stand at the front of the classroom playing the rock instruments to the days rock song. We have so much fun and are becoming math's Genius'!

Spring Term Skelly Bones

Welcome back after the Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations.

The Spring Term sees us beginning our new topic, Skelly Bones. We will be looking at our bodies, healthy eating, feelings and people who look after us now and in the past. There are some exciting trips coming up too, beginning with an opportunity for the children to experience Trampolining at Amery School. (Please make sure that your child has jogging bottoms and socks in their PE kit!)


Carol Singing at Gilmore Gardens

Shhhhhh....... the children have been visiting the Secret Santa room. They have enjoyed selecting, wrapping and writing labels and will be bringing gifts home for friends and family. No peeking before Christmas!!!!

Fire Party Celebrations

To conclude our amazing learning in the Fire! Fire! topic we've celebrated with a party. Fire coloured snacks were enjoyed by the children and party games were played outside in the beautiful sunshine. Finally our firefighter friend, Simon came in to school and presented the children with their fire safety certificates. What an amazing first terms learning we've had!


Fire themed party games

Wootey Fire School in Action!


Firefighters Jason and Simon visited the Year 2 children to find out how they are getting on with training to be Wootey Firefighters. Both of them enjoyed taking part in a fitness lesson and even joined  in with doing push ups and groovy dancing. Check out the video and photos below...

See Firefighter Jason dance!

Still image for this video

Cooking with the Juniors

Marvellous Maths

The children have enjoyed practising their maths using this online game.

Follow the link below to challenge yourselves at home too.  

Fabulous phonics

The children have been learning about the past tense.  They really enjoyed the 'Blast the Rocket' game.  Follow the link below to play the game at home.



Fire Fighters Wanted!

Fire Fighters needed in Year 2!

Are there any children out there who are ready to become a Fire Fighter? You will need to be strong, fit, resilient, able to read, write and count. We will be recruiting after half term.

Thank you to Alton Fire Station for a fabulous school trip. We have had lots of fun and learnt lots about The Great Fire of London and how to keep safe around fire.

Another Outstanding Listen To Me Performance

Thank you to all the families who came to support the children during their Listen To Me performance. The children never fail to impress us with their musical talents and performing skills. After half term we will be asking the children for their preferences for a part in the nativity play. (Yes, it is getting closer to that time of year!!) We will give plenty of notice to you to prepare or purchase  costumes or if you need help we do have a large selection of costumes in school.

Rangoli Patterns

As part of our Collective Worship, we are learning about Diwali. Year 2 have had the opportunity to extend their learning, using their Funky Fingers, to create their own Diva pots. In challenge time they are creating their own Rangoli patterns and on Friday they will be able to select their dinner from a special Diwali menu.
Year 2 enjoyed a visit from a drama production company. As well as watching a performance from the drama company, the children had opportunity to practise and perform parts of the Great Fire of London story. We were watching the children's acting closely as the school nativity is looming fast and the Year 2 children will be taking the main parts in the production.

Listen to Me

Don't forget the Year 2 performance on Tuesday 17th October. Both classes will wow you with their musical talents!

Delivering Harvest Produce to Marlfield

Penguin Class enjoy a visit from their Junior Buddy Class

Knowing Me Knowing You

We have been getting to know each other and finishing our self portraits. Come into class to see our paintings displayed.

Knowing Me Knowing You Portraits

What a fabulous first week we've had in year 2! Lots of smiles, playing and seeing old friends and new. Keep watching the website to find out all  what we are learning about, creating and exploring.

Our first topic is called Knowing Me Knowing You, and is all about getting to know each other. Then we will launch in to the Fire! Fire! topic.

Please come in and talk to the class teacher if you have any concerns or questions about your child or their learning or if you would like to know how to support their learning at home.

The end of 2016-17 school year
The end of a fabulous year with Penguin and Peacock children. Good luck as you move on to the Juniors and we look forward to hearing about all of your adventures.
To kick off our book week, all classes have had the opportunity to take part in Quidditch sessions. We had lots of fun but were a bit disappointed that there were no brooms to fly on!
We have been learning about African Kente weaving after hearing the story about Anna Hibiscus. We practised our painting skills and complementary colour selection to create our own woven art work.
Anna Hibiscus found reasons to be happy so we made word art posters using words that make us happy.

Penguin Trampolining

More Penguin Trampolining

Trying something new!

In Penguin Class we have been following the Silver Learning Code-Try Something New- by tasting food from the school menu. Yesterday, the majority of the class tried Thai Beef Curry and 23 children said they will consider choosing it from the menu next time. Today the school cook made extra portions of the Vegetable Risotto for tasting. Everyone tried it! 22 children loved the risotto and 20 children loved the coleslaw. We could not be more proud of the great Penguin children and look forward to our next taste test.

Mr Weir

Mr Weir popped in for a surprise visit today. He's very much looking forward to seeing everyone at the Summer Fayre on Saturday!

Goodbye Mr Devon

A huge thank you to Mr Devon who has been helping in Penguin and Peacock Classes. We wish him lots of luck in his new venture as a classroom assistant at a new school.

Look how happy we are when we do our spelling test!

Parent Information Leaflet

Trampolining at Eggars

Have a look below at some of our amazing trampolining videos!


Still image for this video

Our brilliant straddle jumps!

Still image for this video

Now some fantastic seat drops!

Still image for this video

Crazy Hair and Mufti Day