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Archive Year 1 – Wagtail, Robin and Wren

Welcome to Year 1!

Teachers: Mrs Helen Jenkin and Mrs Abbie Norgate (Year Leaders), Mrs Claire Millard, Miss Liz Collins and Mrs Susie Christer


Learning Support Assistants: Miss Karen Snowden, Mrs Christine Humphrey




Autumn Term 2018
L2Me Samba Concert
Thank you to everybody who came to listen to our L2Me Samba performance.  We have shown lots of determination with learning the rhythms and also worked super hard at watching Miss Whitehouse and the other band leaders. 


Still image for this video

Patio re - development


Watch this space!

Samba, Samba, Samba!


Year 1 have begun their Samba lessons - we are really working hard to bring you an amazing performance in December.

Welcome back after half term.  The  Wagtails have had a marble treat this week to celebrate filling their  marble jar - well done Wagtails.


All the Year One's had a brilliant Samba lesson with Ms Whitehouse out for the date of our performance at the end of term.  Again you followed the Silver Learning Code by trying something new.  


We have also started our new Superhero topic.  The children loved reading Supertato and making their own Supertatoes to take home.  Make sure your Supertato is on the look out for the Evil Pea getting up to mischief.  The Evil Pea has already been causing trouble by hiding the counters we needed for maths and the  stickers for our handwriting books...what will he do next?


Click on the link below to hear the Supertato story.
Celebrating the end of our Commotion in the Ocean topic by visiting the Historic Dockyard
We had the most amazing day at the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth - thank you to all our Wootey families that helped on the day.  The children were a credit to our school - keeping to the Golden Rules and Silver Learning Code by trying something new.  Well done Year One. 
Year 1 have enjoyed finding animals on the patio during Grounds Week. We found lots of Woodlice. What animals can you find in your garden or at the park? Remember, they like to hide in damp, dark places.
A very warm welcome back to all our Year 1 children. We have started our learning with a fabulous story 'The Lion Inside'. You can hear the story being read aloud on the youtube link below.

The Lion Inside

Listen to the story.

We are taking our learning outside.

A very hot Sports Day...

We are learning to play the Ukulele.

We went on a treasure hunt

Year 1 enjoy games outside like duck duck goose, football and team games.

The children used pastels to make their scary tigers.

We are learning to use a ruler. The children enjoyed making flags.

We are growing our own vegetables.

We all dressed up in red for Cardiac Rehab Day.

We are practising our jungle poem.

What a lovely day we have had today...outdoor painting.

The children enjoyed showing their Easter bonnet creations to the Junior school.
On Thursday we had to say good bye to our lovely student Miss Tooms. The children and Miss Tooms learned a lot and we were all sad to see her go. 

Listen to me performance

Our royal banquet

Royal banquet

We are learning to count in 2's

What a busy week we have had....

We painted stones for Mother's day
We learned the oo and ew sound
We listened to the Story "Where is my hat"
The children loved the story...
Caught reading
Guided reading with Miss Tooms
Painting like Kandinsky

 We had such a fabulous time at Windsor castle, despite the snow.  Everyone was a credit to Wootey displaying our core values of happiness, respect and creativity.

We hope you enjoy the photos and get a feel for how much we loved the day.

Thank you to all our helpers- we couldn't have done it without you.  

Playing the Bamboo Tamboos

Woodpecker class assembly 22.2.18


Still image for this video
Our lovely Woodpecker C is adding his line that Mrs Holland forgot during assembly.

Painting Daffodils

We have been measuring and comparing...

We have been learning ou=oo sound

Our funky finger activity this week: threading with pipe cleaners.

The children loved this funky finger activity.

The children follow our golden rule: We are kind and gentle

We are learning about the y=i-e sound

Outer Space: "We are the Planets," The Solar System Song by StoryBots

The Solar System/The Solar System Song/Planets Song for Kids/8 Planets

The Solar System Song

It's a song about the Sun and the planets for children of all ages.

We have been learning new Graphemes (15-19.1).

We are counting in 2's. Can you count without looking at the correct numbers?

Our topic this term is space.

How do you brush your teeth in space?
The children are mesmerized by
ISS Commander Chris Hadfield

Literacy: We have been learning about the i-igh sound, hard and soft sounds c-s and o-oa sound.

We have been making numbers 11-20 with Numicons, Beads and Dienes.

We have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.

Woodpeckers and Wagtails 2018

The kings are getting ready for their performance. Don't they look amazing in their costumes?

Our dress rehearsal went really well. The children enjoyed putting their costumes on.

The children have been making models with play doh. Look at these wonderful creations:

Arthur and Oliver H. were making up stories....
Ella's snowbird
Theo's snowman with snowballs
Mylee's snowman
Oliver T's monster

Funky Fingers Friday

The sound of the week is: ou/ow. Which words have this sound?

We are practising our Christmas song.

We are making music with chime bars.

Today we learned how to subtract.

We made superheroes out of play dough.

A typical day in Woodpecker's class...

We start our day with either literacy or math.
We have been learning  the ai,ay and a-e sound.
Outside play
Story and snacktime
Getting ready for lunch
Lunchtime. After lunch we go outside and play.
We practise our handwriting & read with a grown up
We play team games.
On Fridays we choose our golden stars.
Celebration assembly.
Ask your children why they got a special mention.

Outside learning is fun! We have been using sticks and leaves to make a part/part/whole model.

The children loved dressing up for Mufti Day.

We have been talking about Traction Man and his adventures. The children drew a story line and next week we are going to write our story. The children were very proud of their drawings.

We have been learning the ew, ue and oo sound.

Our favourite day of the week is....Friday. The children enjoy cutting, threading, colouring and writing. The childen loved placing cheerios on a spaghetti. Its helps them with their fine motor skills.

We are practising our handwriting.

We are learning about the ng sound.

We make music on a Tuesday with Mrs Whitehouse.

Funky Finger Friday... We are practising cutting. The children made firework pictures afterwards.

After reading the story Traction Man, the children made some of the characters from the story out of Play dough and Lego.

We do enjoy PE.

Dawali. We have had fun making Rangoli patterns with leaves and sticks.

Funky Fingers Friday

What a lovely autumn day! We have had fun counting leaves, weighing conkers, writing numbers, making mud smoothies and so much more.

We have been learning ow, oi and sh.

Addition and Subtraction

After reading the story "I am not a stick", we made swords, paintbrushes and fishing rods out of sticks.

We are practising writing numbers 0-20

We are learning the months of the year. When is your birthday?

Sorting numbers from 0-20

Woodpecker class 2016/2017

Summer Term

Where are the Wild Woodpeckers? Having a wild rumpus party!

Happiness and Respect at Book Week


Thank you Dart-Frog class for sharing books with us this morning as part of our Book Week. 

Thank you also to Reuben's Mummy and baby sister Maudie for coming to read Reuben's favourite bedtime story to us this afternoon.


Bamboo Tamboo
We had our final practise with the Bamboo Tamboos today.  Please join us on the 18th July to watch our performance at 2.45pm in the hall.  Look at our 'happiness' photos. 
Quidditch and Marble Treat
We tried something new by playing Quidditch today. We also enjoyed our marble treat wearing our own clothes and playing with our toys and fidget spinners.  Well done for filling the marble jar!
RHS Garden Wisley

What a busy week Year One have had!  

We had such a fabulous time at RHS Garden Wisley, meeting Wisley Bear and experiencing awe and wonder in the glasshouse.  Everyone was a credit to Wootey displaying our core values of happiness, respect and creativity.

We hope you enjoy the photos and get a feel for how much we loved the day.

Thank you to all our helpers- we couldn't have done it without you.  

St Lawrence Church 
Year One had a delightful visit to St Lawrence church as part of our RE learning about Special Places.  We became church detectives and practised showing 'respect' in this special place for Christians.  We tried something new in naming lots of the things we found for example pulpit, lectern and  pew. 

Counting and spelling

The children enjoyed making tigers today.

Practising our spelling

Look who was our  'turtle' person today!  We loved hearing all the compliments.
Our new Golden Stars have been revealed for this week.
We are getting used to our new massage partners and being gentle. 

Year One are off to RHS Garden Wisley on the 30th June. 

We are going to enjoy a workshop with Wisley Bear and investigate the glasshouse and fruit garden  as well as the beautiful extensive gardens.


This term our topic is 'Rumble in the Jungle'. We are busy exploring the rainforest, finding out about the different layers, wildlife and exotic plants that grow. We are looking forward to our visit to RHS Garden Wisley in June. There is a copy of the letter below if needed.

Click on the link below to visit 'Rainforest' on Purple Mash. You may need the login details that were emailed out, or ask a member of staff if you have forgotten them!


Wisley trip letter

Spring Term
Our topic for the spring term is 'Whizz Bang Pop Machine'. We started the term by travelling into space. We learnt about the amazing achievement of Tim Peake and used non-fiction books to research Neil Armstrong. We loved learning about the 8 planets but were sad to hear that Pluto is no longer a planet. You can click the link below to sing along with one of our favourite songs!  

The Solar System Song

It's a song about the Sun and the planets for children of all ages.

Here are some photos of our learning in the spring Term

Autumn Term
In the Autumn Term we enjoyed our topics of Knowing Me, Knowing You linked with the Gruffalo, Superheroes and Commotion in the Ocean. We also had time to explore Autumn and Harvest themes before the fun of Christmas.

Here are some photos of our learning in the Autumn Term